Manufacturing Services

Our Services

InServ Manufacturing Services provides an extensive array of fabrication services including:

  • Heater Coils (All Alloys)
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Riser Lines
  • Strippers
  • Cyclones
  • Stacks
  • Transfer Lines
  • J-Bends
  • Reactors
  • Regenerators
  • Carbon Steel & Alloy Piping
  • Refractory Services
  • Vibration Casting
  • Tube Supports

Our shop is an ASME code certified shop that provides pressure vessels, coil fabrication, refractory lined components, and process piping. We provide quality, service, and on-time delivery that is second to none.

All refractory is performed in-house. We have a 60′ vibration casting tower. Installed in the tower are two air headers for precise control of the vibration. All refractory thermal drying is done on site.

Our commitment is to partner with you for success. We develop long-term client relationships built on trust and sealed with quality service.

Our Experience

InServ Manufacturing Services brings the best in quality fabrication and manufacturing to work for you. This requires a commitment to understanding our critical client needs and translating that knowledge into the overall success of the projects we perform. We have assembled a proven team with almost 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of FCCU components, piping, specialty welding and is known worldwide as the standard for manufacturing.

With our Manufacturing Services team, you are selecting a qualified group to compliment your operations and contribute to your facilities’ goals.

Quality Performance

InServ Manufacturing Services builds quality into every project. Quality can greatly affect the overall project and we feel that this element provides us with a great advantage over other service providers you may consider. The highlights of our quality program include:

  • Code Repair Work – Manufacturing Services can supply products built under the following ASME Code Stamps: “R”, “S”, and “U”.
  • Project Management – Detailed Planning, Scheduling and Execution of Fabrication.
  • Engineering – We utilize the latest AutoCAD Software to ensure our clients of accurate detailed fabrication drawings. “Design Codes” by Computer Engineering software is used for all ASME code calculations.
  • Quality Assurance – We currently have on file 655 Approved ASME Code Welding Procedures with the expertise to execute each of them. On every project we utilize full time dedicated Quality Assurance Personnel. Each is trained and qualified in Non-Destructive Examination.

These factors combine to provide for high productivity along with on-time and on-budget performance.

Proven Results

We understand that cost-effective, timely fabrication of the highest quality products is a key component to any planned project or turnaround. We work with engineering companies worldwide to make sure you get the finest product for your money. Bottom line, we deliver world-class fabrication, do it on time, and at a very competitive price.

With Manufacturing Service planning, mechanical, and fabrication capabilities, we offer our clients a safe, well-coordinated and efficient project every time.

Manufacturing Services Management

Mike Hobbs
General Manager

Jed Hoggatt
Project Manager

Warren Beverlin
Project Manager