Field Services

Our Services

InServ Field Services has a 24-hour emergency response team to cover the most extensive and demanding projects anywhere in the world. Our success is measured by our clients in the safe completion of work, increased quality and productivity and in providing cost-effective solutions to your greatest maintenance challenges.

  • Turnaround Services
  • FCC Revamps
  • Heater Erection and Revamps
  • Mechanical & Exchanger Services
  • Specialty Welding
  • Process Piping
  • Refractory Services
  • Emergency Response
  • ASME Code Work

Our commitment is to partner with you for success. We develop long-term client relationships built on trust and sealed with quality service.

Our Experience

InServ Field Services’ personnel are experienced in the refinery and petrochemical business. Our team of people is committed to setting the standards on job site safety, quality, and performance. This experience has established our group as one of the best in the industry

We’re proud of the long-term commitment our people show to our company – and the customers we serve. With our Field Services team, you are selecting a qualified group to compliment your projects and contribute to your facilities’ goals.

Quality Performance

InServ Field Services builds quality into every project. Quality can greatly affect the overall project and we feel that this element provides us with a great advantage over other service providers you may consider. The highlights of our quality program include:

  • Our commitment to meet or exceed the requirements of project quality
  • Providing quality training and detailed procedures
  • Monitoring, enforcement and ongoing evaluation of project quality
  • Maintenance of weld procedures covering P-1 through P-61 materials and many unclassified alloys and cast materials
  • Tracking of welder continuity and qualifications
  • Providing a complete Q.C. documentation package on each project

These factors combine to provide for high productivity along with on-time, and on-budget performance.

Proven Results

At InServ Field Services, our goal on every project is to complete the project with zero safety incidents and to meet or exceed the clients' expectations on quality, budget, and schedule.

Extractor Services

InServ Extractor Services combines the finest in field execution and a quality fleet of Exchanger Extractors and Dollies to respond to your most demanding projects. We approach all projects from the standpoint of safety first. By planning for safety at the beginning, the results bear themselves out by safe completion of the project. Exchanger Extractors and Mechanical Equipment

  • 6 Aerials
  • 2 Crawlers
  • 4 Truck Mounts
  • 5 Bundle Dollies
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Torquing Equipment

We bring a long history of partnerships with the finest clients in the business. We continually seek to develop long-term client relationships that will ensure that the success of our clients and our own success go hand-in-hand.

Field Service Management

Steve Lane
Chief Operating Officer

Justin Murphy
Vice President

Jason Lane
Technical Services Manager